Friday, 15 March 2013

OAPs... with a Z though, to make it street.

- Song for Marion (2013).

Fa la la!

If you get the chance to go, take tissues. A lot of tissues.

The story is very simple: A grumpy pensioner (Terence Stamp) find that his wife has terminal cancer. His wife (Vanessa Redgrave) is a member of the local community choir, generating the music that will eventually open up the grumpy pensioner to the joys of life.

It is massively stereotypical, like - ticks every box to fill a matinee screening of over 50s. (and me.)

Stamp and Redgrave both deliver truly fantastic performances - with Gemma Arterton filling the role of quirky - and a teeensy bit annoying - music teacher.

I found the film had skimmed over elements that might have made it a step above the rest - but none the less it is a heart warming, really funny little film that I challenge you not to cry at.

I mean seriously, challenge, I bawled like a baby.

Have you seen this? Will you?


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  1. I haven't seen this yet but the trailer looked good. Thanks for the heads up with the hankies! Better than walking out the cinema with panda eyes :)
    Lianne x

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