Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The best way to spread Christmas cheer... singing loud for all to hear! I love Elf...

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas, I myself have eaten so much food I think I've put on roughly three stone (classy Mags).

After working Christmas day (boo, hiss) I came home to a few large glasses of wine and a game of Scrabble with the fambo - Q massive arguments, oh my.

Boxing day has been spent eating SO MUCH CHOCOLATE.

Breakfast, brunch, elevensies, lunch, after dinner snack, dinner, general snacks, supper, basically any mealtime I could possibly think of has been satisfied through mountains of chocolate. This, I could get used to.

shirt: primark mens     jumper: charity shop     skirt: internacionale     shoes & bag: charity shop

The skirt is a beautiful bright coral colour, unfortunately this hasn't shown well in photographs!


This is my boxing day outfit (ladylike, huh?)

The collar on my shirt would make Wednesday Addams proud. 

I truly love these shoes, and bought them at an absolute SNIP of £3 although they are ridiculously high and really I can't walk in them with any sense of grace or elegance. (especially following a g&t ... or ten)


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